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Clubs and Commercial Sites
Other Owners, Fans  
Why Buying a DeLorean is Perfectly Logical! 
DeLoreans for Sale !
DMC Prices
Insuring a DeLorean
Snapshots of my DeLorean 
Gold plated DeLoreans 
A DeLorean at The Nethercutt Collection  NEW 
Service on my D 
Other people's Service experiences  
"John Z" the talking Microsoft Agent Character!
Is it JIGAwatts or GIGAwatts?  
The DeLorean-Electrochemistry Connection
Chromium Plated DeLoreans?
About the DMC2!  UPDATED! 
DeLorean Related Trademarks  
Info on PJ Grady
DeLorean books
The 1:18 Scale Die Cast DeLorean 
Other Stainless Steel Cars 
What does a DeLorean Sound Like?  


-My model Duesenberg Collection
--The Duesenberg SSJ
--J185 Dual Cowl Phaeton
--SJ397 The Last Duesenberg (Bauer)
--J550 Rollston Convertible 
--J563 Gary Cooper's SSJ
--J567 Clark Gable's SSJ 
-My REAL Duesenberg
-Duesenberg News  NEW Subdomain  
-Duesenberg Memories!
-1932 J, Body by Murphy
-Clark Gable's Duesenbergs 
--J560 Clark Gable's JN  
-The NE Classic Car Museum
--Chassis 2424  
-The Nethercutt Collection!
--Model A Duesenberg "ADEUSY"
-The Duesenberg JN - End of an Era
-The Derham Tourster
--J423 Derham Tourster at Klingberg Auto Show  NEW 
--J448 Derham Tourster at 2008 Hershey Meet  NEW 
-Concours d'Elegance
--The 2007 Concours of The Eastern US in Bethlehem
--AACA Hershey 2007, 2008
--Amelia Island 2009
-Duesenberg: The Perfect Gift
-A Duesenberg You Can Own. Start Small.
-A 21st Century Duesenberg?
-Coffee Table Books on Dr. Bob's Bookshelf!

Other Cars Bob has owned

2002 Toyota MR2
1970 OTAS
1960 Austin Mini
1952 Chevrolet

Mini Mania The Mini in books and film! 
The Electrochemical Automobile
The Tesla Motors Electric Two-Seater Roadster!
"Cars" Characters at Universal Studios/Disney  NEW ! 

and Science

What is Electrochemistry?
Electrochemistry: Links and hi-jinks!
Black Gold - Conducting Polymers!
eXtreme Electrochemistry!
Electrochemistry, An Historical Perspective 
Electrochemistry in the Movies!  
A Electrochemistry-DeLorean Connection.
Chromium plating and Colored DeLoreans  
The Electrochemical Vehicle - Fuel cells, batteries and
 Supercapacitors!  UPDATED! 
Prefixes for SI units & a pronounciation guide
Mole Day & Nat'l Chemistry Week 
Dr. Bob: On Science!  Philosophy.
Electrochemistry Textbooks on Dr. Bob's Bookshelf!
News from the World of Science!
"Common Reference Electrode Potentials" has moved!

Dr. Bob's Stores

Dr. Bob's Bookshelf - Contents

DeLorean Books!
The Motorcar!  UPDATED!  
Mini Mania The Mini in books and film! 
The Ford GT and Ford GT40!  
The Movie "Cars" (Pixar) Character Standups  NEW ! 
Automotive Fuel Cells
Hitchhiker's Guide
Sherlock Holmes Books and DVDs.
Nero Wolfe Mysteries on Video! 
St. Paul's and 9/11
Elisabeth Shue Posters    
Choosing a Web Browser
Web Browsers for Dummies
Web Surfing Tools  
Web Programming

Dr. Bob's Die Cast

     DeLorean  UPDATED! 
     Ford GT   UPDATED! 
     Duesenberg  UPDATED!      

Tools, Toys, and Computers

     Dr. Bob's Toolbox - Tire Pressure Gauges
     Dr. Bob's Toybox - Muppet Labs! 
     Optical Mice The way it should be! 
     Useful USB Hub - Functional on your Desk

Some Really NEAT Gift Ideas!
Cars and full sized Star Wars® cardboard standups.

About Bob

A young Bob in the lab
Bob and Lightning McQueen
ECS Meeting in HI, 2004
Bob's Brain
News of Bob and Bob's family


St. Paul's and 9/11
Introducing "John Z" ! The Microsoft Agent Character!

Explore the Animations of John Z! (Windows® and IE4 or higher)
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